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Hello folks, here we are with our experienced agents, finest brokers, and affordable range of policies that will protect your truck and your place of business. We Serve the New Jersey area, our neighboring communities, and 20 states nationwide. We are enraptured to provide you the most far-reaching coverage options for any type of vehicle. We know how essential it is to protect your truck from any kind of destruction. Because riding your vehicle on the road maximizes the risks that come with it. So it became a necessity for us to care of your priorities like ours. We know for a transporter time is precious and keeping this in mind. We are always there for consultation, queries, payments, policy review, and claim reports. Anywhere, Anytime. Like any other vehicle, you must ensure your truck. As it needs more security than any other transport. Just Lay back and let us make it easy for you.

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The exciting part of what we do is delivering creative strategies, tactics and approaches
that help our clients grow their business. Take a look at some examples below:

Industry Sector Coverage

Non-Trucking Liability is a liability that includes when you use your truck for personal use apart from business work. Since you are not driving the truck for business purposes, there is no coverage under your trucker’s liability or business auto policy.

Keeper under permanent lease to a motor carrier providing primary auto liability coverage. It covers mobile equipment like forklifts, tractors, cranes, etc.


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The interesting part is that we deliver Innovative strategies, techniques, and approaches that help
our client enhance their business in every manner. Take a look below.
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Primary Auto Liability is insurance has two segments. First, body injury liability covers body injuries that the driver causes to someone else in any kind of accident. The second one is The property liability insurance that covers the damage caused by the driver to a third party in an accident. Meanwhile, Primary Auto liability never covers your own damage that occurred in an accident.

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Every transportation operation has a different scenario that needs to be consigned in calculating, and assuring, the risk in your business. We can alter a risk management program according to your demand, cover liability exposures and business assets, and meet regulatory requirements.

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Physical Damage

It is a must to protect your truck from damage and theft. Protection from these two things is mandatory in any case. It not just makes you and your business hustle-free but also ensure your future expenditure. Physical damage policy offers plenty of options to protect your transport, including crash insurance and combined coverage, which covers fire and looting.

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Motor Truck Cargo

The dream of any for-hire trucker transporting cargo is being held responsible for product loss or causality at the delivery site. The perk of this type of coverage is that policyholder has control over the nature of their policy. Also, the policyholder can choose the amount of their out-of-pocket deductible. Which may results in less monthly insurance rates overall.

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Non-Trucking Liability

Unlike us trucks hardly get rest. Most of the time trucks have heavy duties to cover on the road. Many drivers use their vehicles for personal purposes as well. In case, of damage or accidents, any commercial policy cannot cover physical damage caused to a third party. But you need to know that Non- trucking liability coverage covers this kind of damage.

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General Liability

General liability coverage gives protection for business services that are indirectly connected to operating a vehicle. Most policies cover the same liabilities and plot but may need improvement to account for fair arrangements and the risk muddled in insuring your business.

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This is the second time I’ve used them, they have a great user interface. I love the way it keeps track of all of the agents you’ve spoke with, along with the quotes from those agents. Definitely recommend using this company, I will continue to use them for all of my insurance needs.

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Everyone I dealt with was very…

Everyone I dealt with was very professional and courteous. Lauren Hernandez was absolutely amazing to work with.

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Very pleased with their service.

Very helpful and their customer service is top-notch! Very pleased with their service.

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Great service and follow up

Great service and follow up. There was no pressure to work with one agent and that was important. I spoke with three agents and was able to find the one that works best for me. I am very pleased with Commercial Truck Insurance and the staff was super friendly

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