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You’re focused on trucking. We’re focused on trucking insurance. While managing the staring of your giant vehicle on road you have less time to worry about the best policy options. Let us do it for you, our best team will offer you the best option for your vehicle’s safety. Like every other vehicle, it is very important to ensure your truck. Any causality can happen on road like the destruction of the truck, theft also risks always doubles when you are carrying risky materials, overweight, and budding accident to the vehicle. Before purchasing a policy you must check whether it is fulfilling your needs or not. Because we always want the best for you.

Trucking Insurance Coverage Options

Auto and boat hauling insurance- This includes protection for drivers, travellers. Rated can be different especially for luxury vehicles and it should be discussed with the dealer.

Box truck insurance- Box truck and straight truck insurance includes two coverage options depending on whether you own the truck, or you are a for-hire trucker. If you are the owner, you should purchase coverage to protect damage to the truck, the people, and the property. If you are a for-hire trucker you can choose options to protect the goods and protection of your truck

Commercial truck insurance- This insurance protects bodily injury to persons injured by a truck. Also, include damage caused to the property of another by your vehicle or truck.

Cargo insurance- This covers the burden of the policyholder for destruction, damage, or other loss of the goods to be delivered. It provides many coverage options depending on the kind of load and it should be discussed properly before buying.

Cargo truck insurance- This coverage provides safety for the truck driver, passengers, and commercial truck contents. We cover different categories of trucks and it depends on which one you prefer.

Refrigerated driver- This Insurance covers the consignment of refrigerated trucks. As it is huge risks in case truck breaks down, is damaged or there is a mechanical problem.

RV hauling- This option covers vehicles, drivers, and passengers involved in Drivers, passengers, and vehicles involved in lifting a contesting vehicle. This protects the driver and truck from destruction, theft, or injury.

Tanker driver- This option provides coverage for the operator, tourist, trucks, and product damage to tanker trucks transporting liquids.

Trucking insurance includes much more categories to offer to the policyholder. And we are always there to help you choose what best suits you and your business.

Coverages We Offer

Bailee liability- We are offering you the best option for your truck insurance even when you are not driving it. It covers the damage of a vehicle in case someone else is using it. It covers collision, fire, theft, weather problems, and damage caused during transportation.

Commercial property insurance- This option covers the risk of loss or damage to an organization's buildings, grounds, or personal property of the insured or others on site. Coverage can be provided on an all-risk or specific perils basis.


Excess liability- This option provides hinder to a policy that outpaces the original, providing a greater deadline. It is used when all other resources have been touched, and other coverage is needed to cover the rest of the amount.

Hired auto liability- This option covers damage to vehicles or property or injury to drivers and passengers involved in an accident where a “hired” vehicle is used to conduct business or transport. This may include rented, leased, or borrowed vehicles.

Non-owned auto liability- This covers destruction to vehicles or property or loss to drivers and passengers during the accident when the driver uses their personal vehicle for non-personal work.

Non-trucking liability- This is the best option for a driver during any property damage or injury to the body while a driver is on personal time.

Physical damage- While driving on the road any kind of causality can happen anytime, anywhere, so this option covers damage to your truck in case of a collision with another vehicle.

Primary auto insurance- This insurance is needed for for-hire truck drivers operating on their own. It is protected injuries and loss to other people, vehicle, and property.