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In the case of General Liability insurance covers your vehicle from financial loss. It gives protection against claims arising out of the insured’s liability for those damages that were caused to persons, property, and business operations by the insured one. The perks of general liability coverage are uncountable. Here are points you should know before opting for this coverage.
DAMAGES TO PREMISES RENTED TO THE POLICYHOLDER- In this, it covers damage caused by the policyholders to any kind of property not owned by the policyholder.

BODILY INJURY AND PROPERTY DAMAGE LIABILITY- It covers third-party non-employee loss or property damage on the premises of your business.

MEDICAL PAYMENTS- This covers wage to a non-employee third party for injury. In this you don’t require minimum coverage limit purchase.

PERSONAL AND ADVERTISING INJURY- Damage to the business reputation comes under personal and advertising injury options.

PRODUCTS COMPLETED OPERATIONS- This protects the policyholders from liability related illness or injury caused by the product their company distributes.

GLC has a number of profits to offer to the policyholders. You just need to understand the right one to use at the right time. So, don’t forget to relish these benefits as a policyholder.