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MOTOR TRUCK CARGO LIABILITY (CARGO INSURANCE):- For every for-hire trucker out there, Don’t take stress about your load transfer. You just have to drive safe and we will make you burden-free with our policy.

Every for-hire trucker transporting cargo is responsible for the loss of transport or damage on the road. Many surprising events can happen on the road like collisions, load striking in low clearance areas, and fire.

Motor truck cargo liability protects the for-hire trucker from liability for cargo damage or loss. It also includes the removal of pollution caused by an accident, prevention of uneven events in the future. In this type of coverage policyholder always has control over the nature of their policy. Also, you don’t need a minimum coverage limit purchase.

The kind of goods and the kind of vehicle used to transport should be considered carefully to ensure acceptable coverage is purchased. This insurance gives coverage against the risks of direct physical loss to covered property at the time of loading or unloading.

This provides full, flexible coverage to motor carriers and truckers while loading. It includes- Coverage up to 72 hours after arrival at the destination, Coverage at terminals, coverage for newly acquired terminals, defense costs, and expenses are also included.