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NON-TRUCKING LIABILITY:- As a policyholder, you should know the difference between non-business purposes and business-related purposes. Policyholders may not use non-trucking liability coverage while hatching funds, pulling a loaded trailer. It also covers when you use your business-related truck for personal use like going to the grocery stores, going to the bank, or going to the nearby market. It also covers the truck at that time when the insured is not working for an owner and are driving with an empty trailer or no trailer at all.
Sadly, tragedies happen when you are on road and you can’t stop it on your own but your commercial policy cannot cover physical injuries or damage caused to a third party that are non-work related. Non-trucking liability coverage does that. Also, driving without a load, washing the truck, and servicing or fueling are all covered by primary liability insurance is like the cherry on the top.