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Physical damage coverage protects the truck from damage and theft. This includes collision insurance, as well as your choice of fully comprehensive insurance or the more limited Fire and theft with combined additional coverage insurance. It not only makes you and your business hustle-free but also insures your future Expenditure. This coverage policy provides categorised options to protect your vehicle, including collision insurance, fully comprehensive insurance and combined coverage, which covers and fire and theft.

Physical Damage Coverage options comprise

  1. Collision coverage- In this, you have the option to replace or repair your truck in case of any collision or an accident. What’s the better option if you’re getting this kind of benefit in insurance coverage?

  2. Comprehensive coverage- this coverage option defends your truck from theft or non-destruction-related harm. Apart from destruction, there are a lot more things you have to take care of in case of heavy vehicles.

  3. Combined additional coverage- CAC is a mutated and limited version of comprehensive coverage which we have already talked about.

You have a special benefit of this type of coverage and that is the policyholder has more authority over the nature of their policy. You don’t need any kind of minimum coverage limit purchase.

Plus, if your vehicle is on a lease you should have physical damage coverage, if your vehicle is fully paid for then it is optional.